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What is going on at Soule Road School???

55 News Team was back at Soule Road School this month to report on the latest character value developments. An overflow of What a Character! slips for RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT continue to pour in.

Brave Irene, the Character Value Book of the Month, told a story of a brave girl's commitment to finishing a job she started. Students in Ms. Quintin's 4th grade class created comic strips connecting this message of RESPONSIBILITY to their own everyday RESPONSIBILITIES at school, home, etc. At the Assembly 4 Qer's were able to share their comic strips with the entire student body.
Chicken Sunday, by Patricia Polacco was our Character Value Book of the Month for RESPONSIBILITY. The characters in the book showed us what being responsible really entails.....that RESPONSIBILITY is more than doing a few chores. It's about you (the kid) taking ownership and being accountable for your own actions. Be sure to check out the video Ms. Mistalksi's class put together as an example of this...

for all that I do,
to making friends too.
It is up to ME
just how much I will learn,
the grades that I get
will be grades that I EARN.
I make the CHOICE
to be happy or sad,
to have a good day
or have one that is bad.
So now I will CHOOSE
what is best for me.
I hold the key!