Character Value Program » Acceptance


Our Character Value Book of the Month was Henry and the Kite Dragon, by Bruce Edward Hall. Based on true 1920s events, two rival groups of children representing two different cultures come face-to face, and when they do, they find they share much more than just the same sky. It’s a lesson teaching us that everyone is unique and everyone owns the right to be respected as a human being regardless of their external inherent differences.

At our assembly, Mrs. B-O-B’s 4th grade class presented a series of frozen tableaus. A frozen tableau is a “living picture”. The actors in each scene are carefully posed; the actors do not speak or move. A narrator reads to the audience what is happening in each scene. Since our character value was Acceptance, the tableau skits first showed a situation of non-acceptance, followed by an example of acceptance.

Take a look at the video below depicting the final scene. These people have made a decision to see with their hearts and not with their eyes. Remember, we may not all look alike or act in the same way, but we sure can accept one another by treating each other with kindness and respect!