Character Value Program » Kindness


Our Character Value Book of the Month, Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed made us wonder…can one good deed from an ordinary girl or boy change the world? Well, our 4th and 5th graders believe it can…

We kicked off January with a school wide Kindness Campaign. Our goal was to accumulate 1000 Acts of Kindness—linking them together to form a Kindness Chain. Once a kind act was noticed or performed, students filled out a kindness slip. Each week, friends from Ms. Quintin’s class collected, counted, and added the slips to our Kindness Chain.
Our grand total of Kind Acts performed during the month of January was 1134!

At our Kindness Assembly, Ms. Quintin’s class prepared a video demonstrating a chain reaction of kind acts. Check out the video and see how many kind acts you can find!