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Exercise Can Be Fun
Children view exercise as plain old fun.  Here are a few ideas for putting more exercise in your child's day. 

SUPERMAN EXERCISE:  Lie on your tummy with your arms straight out in front of you like you're flying.  Lift your arms and legs off the ground at the same time and hold it for five seconds.  Put your arms and legs back down.  Fly ten more times. 

BUBBLE JUMPING JACKS:  Have your child do jumping jacks as you blow bubbles toward them.  How many bubbles can they catch while jumping.  Switch it up and let the child blow bubbles to you.

FREEZE DANCE:  Play music, dance up a storm.  When the music stops everyone should freeze.  Hold your pose for 10 seconds and restart the music. 

MATH FITNESS:  Here's a chance to combine math  practice (math facts) and exercise.  Give directions that include a math problem and an exercise.  For example, say "Do 2x2 cartwheels, do 6x5 jumping jacks".